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Evs Jevs

Family Visit


Mom, Al, Aunt Edie and Uncle Bob came to Seattle this last weekend, and we had a blast.  Here are some pics from our Adventure to Port Townsend.  Such a cool little town!  Got to tour a 1922 Schooner that was just renovated, and is now offered as a private charter.  Was a Tug boat for 50 years, and was converted to a Schooner recently.  Then we wandered the streets checking out the scenery and shops.

Here are the Pics

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Reno Roadtrip


The J and I took a road trip to Reno where I bowled in the national tournament.  It was a fantastic trip!!!

It was the longest trip we’ve taken in our new car and we were amazed to see we got 44 mpg for the trip (screen shot of it is in the album).

Here is the route we took:

View Reno Road Trip in a larger map

Here are the pics:

Sturgeon Tournament Weekend


Had a killer weekend of fishing and camping with J’s brother and Taco down on the mouth of the Columnbia River.

Oscar Tricks


Spring is in the Air


First we heard the rain, looked out the window, and here it was. Within about a 10 min window we saw darkness to full of color :)

I love Spring!!

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Merry Christmas My Love


Santa Pug

The nicest part of Christmas is Sharing it with you.  I love you babe

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Rucker Bean, I mean Olive


Here are the latest pics of the Rucker bean.  Turns out it’s 90% Olive.  Next month they should find out what the other 10% is.

scan10003 scan10002 scan10001 scan1

Serious Salad


J made us some mean salads yesterday.

serious salad - jeanette serious salad - rob