House 4 Sale


As some of you know, we made a decision that we are going to sell our house and find something smaller back in the area where we used to live.  We had a lot of good times in the short while we were in the house, but the experience has taught us a lot about our selves and what we really enjoy out of life, so we are very excited about the prospect of selling and moving.

Here is the listing for the house:

Be sure to check out the virtual walkthrough:

Thanks to Alyssa, Derek, Mom K (aka Sharon), Dad K (aka Bob) for the hard work last weekend getting it ready.  And special thanks Alyssa for helping stage it, it looks awesome.

And not to be forgotten, thanks Justin for helping getting the new dishwasher in and the knowledge of how to finish the area in the kitchen.

Keep your fingers crossed that it sells.

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