Spring is in the Air


First we heard the rain, looked out the window, and here it was. Within about a 10 min window we saw darkness to full of color :)

I love Spring!!

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Merry Christmas My Love


Santa Pug

The nicest part of Christmas is Sharing it with you.  I love you babe

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Drack Off The Hook


In what was without a doubt the greatest night in the history of the Seachickens bowling team, there was one star that shined brighter than the the rest.  It was non other than the Drack.  He darn near doubled his average in setting a new personal high of 247.  And a scratch series of 620 (which put him over 900 with handicap).

Here are shots from the game of glory, and the nights totals.


Our team now dominates in team and individual season highs (for handicap categories)


For further league and team details, you can out this week’s standings sheet.

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More Pics from Reno


Here are a few more perspectives from our Reno trip. Everyone got some great pics!

These are from Lynn & Al’s camera

Mom’s Pics

These are from Edie and Bob’s camera

Aunt Edie’s Pics

Enjoy :)

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Alyssa the Hero


Alyssa is full of surprises, check out the video in this link to see her at her finest:

Very proud to be her bro.

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White or Dark Meat


My dad forwarded an interesting article on what makes white vs dark meat on a bird:
White Meat or Dark?

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One Ride Family




  Land Yacht




We’d been toying with the idea for a bit, but finally pulled the trigger.  We are a one vehicle family, cruising in our Jeep Compass.

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Frozen Nebraska 2006


Wow, here is a great website with some amazing pictures of the Ice Storm in Nebraska that is leaving thousands without power, most not expected to see it return for 4 weeks.  A friend of mine in NE said he heard the total number of power poles down are around 6000.  Driving down 80 he said he couldn’t keep count of the number of semi trucks delivering Poles and Generators to the area.  There are helicopters dropping bails of hay here to keep the cattle fed, just as they are in Colorado. 

Look at the grass by the bulls feet!!

Frozen Bull


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Happy Holidays and Good Cheer Everyone!


Hope Everyone is having a great holiday season!  We want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.  Check out the Santa Tracker for those kids inside of us :)

Santa Update

Santa  Elf  Rudolph  Yukon  Snowman  Polar Express


My Early Christmas Surprise!!


I can’t believe it!  After hearing me talk about it for almost 2 years my hubby surprised me with my first Mac!!  What a slick machine!!  Almost as nice as a ‘57 Chevy ;)   I ran across this picture on a Mac Fan site called Had to share it with everyone.