Rest in Peace Evil Cat……we love you!


Evs Jevs

Family Visit


Mom, Al, Aunt Edie and Uncle Bob came to Seattle this last weekend, and we had a blast.  Here are some pics from our Adventure to Port Townsend.  Such a cool little town!  Got to tour a 1922 Schooner that was just renovated, and is now offered as a private charter.  Was a Tug boat for 50 years, and was converted to a Schooner recently.  Then we wandered the streets checking out the scenery and shops.

Here are the Pics

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Sturgeon Tournament Weekend


Had a killer weekend of fishing and camping with J’s brother and Taco down on the mouth of the Columnbia River.

Go M’s


We are chilling with Justin and Jon at Safeco in our throw back Seattle Rainers caps getting ready to root on the Mariners.

Go M’s.

Brett Dennen Show


We went to the Showbox with Justin and Kerry last night to see Brett Dennen.  It was good times!!!

New Addition in Texas


Here is Rizzon, a new cuz in the family :)   Shag’s little sister….What a cutie pie!

Drack The Bowler Man


Not only is Jager good, so is his bowling.  He rolled about 30 pins over his previous high to make the weekly high for handicap game, and to bring our team a much needed victory.  3 cheers for Drack.

Drack 218

Drack 218

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Family Reunion/Hot August Nights – 2008


I just got back from a great time with Family enjoying Hot August Nights in Reno & Sparks NV – Aug 6th-9th 2008

Thank you so much Denny & Tonya for opening your home to all of us, it was truly memorable!

We had Justin, Lynn, and Al from Spokane WA, Jeanette from Seattle WA, Edie & Bob from Jacksonville TX, Denny & Tonya from Reno NV, and Joy & Hal from San Luis Obisbo CA

Hope you enjoy the pics

Here is a link to Justins site where he posted his pics of the trip

House 4 Sale


As some of you know, we made a decision that we are going to sell our house and find something smaller back in the area where we used to live.  We had a lot of good times in the short while we were in the house, but the experience has taught us a lot about our selves and what we really enjoy out of life, so we are very excited about the prospect of selling and moving.

Here is the listing for the house:

Be sure to check out the virtual walkthrough:

Thanks to Alyssa, Derek, Mom K (aka Sharon), Dad K (aka Bob) for the hard work last weekend getting it ready.  And special thanks Alyssa for helping stage it, it looks awesome.

And not to be forgotten, thanks Justin for helping getting the new dishwasher in and the knowledge of how to finish the area in the kitchen.

Keep your fingers crossed that it sells.

Oscar Comes Home


He joined our family 3/9/08. He’s about 3 months old currently.

You go here to see the gallery: