Sturgeon Tournament Weekend


Had a killer weekend of fishing and camping with J’s brother and Taco down on the mouth of the Columnbia River.

Drack the Fisherman


Derek and Alyssa went fishing with Derek’s dad yesterday.  But only one was victorious over the swimmers of the Pudget Sound:

Derek's big catch

Derek's big catch

He was kind enough to share some of that trophy fish, it was damn good

Man Weekend 07 – Day 3


There was more hang overs, there was more fun, there was more fish ;) And some beautiful shots of the lake taken by Justin.

Man Weekend 07 – Day 2


There was hang overs, there was fun, there was fish :)

Man Weekend 07 – Day 1


We came from far and wide to descend on the home of Taco…. Randle WA.

Man Weekend with Taco


Justin and John came from Spokane, and I came from Seattle to decend upon Randle WA and Taco. We had an awesome weekend of beer, whisky, highschool football, and drowning some lures. Taco and Justin manage to each catch a fish, though Justin’s was more like bait than a fish.

The pics are up in the photo gallery. Here are a couple highlights.

fishen_with_taco-29 fishen_with_taco-32 fishen_with_taco-18