We went to the Fury Face Catsino fundraiser Saturday with Chad and Tammy.  It was an awesome time.

Jeanette and Tammy were up at the BeveragePlace on Thursday helping setup.  The WestSeattleBlog was there capturing the event:

We spent most our time at the GeorgeTownBrewing craps table.  Thanks to Manny, we now know how to rule the craps table, and had a ton of fun.

Scottus @ Shadowland


We hooked up with Scott at the new Shadowland bar in west seattle.

Turkey Day Pics and Vids


Sorry for the delay, but some things are worth the wait :)

The Turkey Day pics are devided into two camps.

  • White Meat – These are the family friendly work safe pics
  • Dark Meat – These are the slight incriminating pics and vids, and have been locked down to protect the innocent. You should be able to figure out the password when you see the hint, but if not send me an email.

Gobble Gobble – Enjoy!!!

Turkey Day 07 Extravaganza Details



The details of this years Turkey day can be found here:

Man Weekend 07 – Day 3


There was more hang overs, there was more fun, there was more fish ;) And some beautiful shots of the lake taken by Justin.

Man Weekend 07 – Day 2


There was hang overs, there was fun, there was fish :)

Man Weekend 07 – Day 1


We came from far and wide to descend on the home of Taco…. Randle WA.

Pumpkin Carving 06


We did the annual carving of the pumpkins up at the folks. Derek’s parents where up visiting from San Diego, so they got to join in the festivities as well.

Pumkin Carving 06

Man Night #1


We had the first, of what is hopefully many to come, man nights last weekend.

Big Lebowski

It was fun affair featuring “The Big Lebowski “, bbq, white russians, and bowling. Check out the pics in the Man Night #1 photo album.

man_night-5 man_night-7

Rob’s 30th Birthday


Finally, we got some pics up from the fantastic weekend we all had in Leavenworth for Rob’s birthday!Thank you all for making it such a wonderful weekend, I can’t say that enough!  If you happen to have pictures from when you were there, please send them and we’ll get them posted too.