Seattle Xmas Pics


Turkey Day Pics and Vids


Sorry for the delay, but some things are worth the wait :)

The Turkey Day pics are devided into two camps.

  • White Meat – These are the family friendly work safe pics
  • Dark Meat – These are the slight incriminating pics and vids, and have been locked down to protect the innocent. You should be able to figure out the password when you see the hint, but if not send me an email.

Gobble Gobble – Enjoy!!!

Christmas Kickoff


My dad sent this over. Its a fitting way to start the Xmas season.

Turkey Day 07 Extravaganza Details



The details of this years Turkey day can be found here:

Steak and Chocolate Fest


Yesterday was Mom’s day. To say thanks to her we put on a steak and chocolate fest served on her new plates.

Happy Mom’s Day!!!


Happy Holidays and Good Cheer Everyone!


Hope Everyone is having a great holiday season!  We want to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year.  Check out the Santa Tracker for those kids inside of us :)

Santa Update

Santa  Elf  Rudolph  Yukon  Snowman  Polar Express


Pumpkin Carving 06


We did the annual carving of the pumpkins up at the folks. Derek’s parents where up visiting from San Diego, so they got to join in the festivities as well.

Pumkin Carving 06