Rest in Peace Evil Cat……we love you!


Evs Jevs

Happy Cat

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Help Fight Global Warming



Do you ever wonder what’s going on with the weather lately?  Really? 

So what’s the hype?  Well, I’ve always dreamed of an ocean front home, but thought I would move there, and not have it move to me.  Luckily we now live at the top of the hill in West Seattle which is surrounded by the Puget Sound because if we don’t do anything about our emissions and Greenland melts like it is on the path to be done within 50 years, that will rise ocean water levels 20ft.  That won’t even be the worst part.  Please don’t change the channel when something about Global Warming comes on, it’s real and you need to pay attention to it.  This is yet more affirmation for me to not have a child.  I wouldn’t ever want my child to have to bare the weight for my generation not minding their emissions!

Hopefully one of these days we can get support from the Government by forcing these Car Manufacturers to start building more efficient cars considering we absolutly have the technology to do it.  This is only the beginning……

Click here for more info on how you can help too!!



Techno Cat

This is the effect Rob has on cats and humans when he sings :D


Tori Cat



Here is my Tori cat. She is really very sweet. Most people think she is crazy, but you just have to know when she says “no more petting” or, the claws and the teeth will come out. She has shown a soft side to some, and they know who I’m talking about. She is about 4 now, we got her at the humane society in 2003 and they thought she was about 1 at the time. Rob loves her too, but Evil really is more his type. Old and grouchy :D




I am adding a new photo album for all of our 4 legged kids, so if you have photos of yours send them to me, and I will get them in our album.  Here is our eldest, Evil the cat.  She is 12 this year!


Here is the original Evil the Cat, the one Rob named Evil after.

Kitty S&M


Kitty SandM

This and other kitty S&M gear can be found here.

** Just to clarify, our cats are not into S&M.  Jnet ran across this while looking for an easy way to give Tori her medicine. **

Tori at the vet


The T-Bird went to the vet to see what was up with the smelly breathe.  She had the sweat-paw bad.

T at Vet