Oscar Tricks


Crazy Mutt


O dog and I took a walk couple days ago and he just decided to start sunbathing and eating greenery.

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O’s new chew


It’s a big stinky tendon.

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A Walk in the Park


Got a little cabin fever today.  Unfortunately its not as warm outside as it looks.  Oscar sure does like him some beach running.  Could not get him to run until we got to the beach, but the second we hit the sand he peeled out.

Oscar Taters


Found a new chew toy for the O dog.  It’s dried sweet potatoes on a hemp rope.  So far he is more interested in the rope than the taters.

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Cool Dog


This is how Oscar rolls in Spokane.

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Oscar’s first day at Stella Ruffington’s


Now that Oscar has been neutered and healed up he was able to go to doggy daycare(Stella Ruffington’s) for the first time.  They said he did great, played hard, and made friends.  I think the pic below lets ya know what Oscar thought.

Oscar after Stella Ruffington\'s

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Oscar Comes Home


He joined our family 3/9/08. He’s about 3 months old currently.

You go here to see the gallery: