Help Fight Global Warming



Do you ever wonder what’s going on with the weather lately?  Really? 

So what’s the hype?  Well, I’ve always dreamed of an ocean front home, but thought I would move there, and not have it move to me.  Luckily we now live at the top of the hill in West Seattle which is surrounded by the Puget Sound because if we don’t do anything about our emissions and Greenland melts like it is on the path to be done within 50 years, that will rise ocean water levels 20ft.  That won’t even be the worst part.  Please don’t change the channel when something about Global Warming comes on, it’s real and you need to pay attention to it.  This is yet more affirmation for me to not have a child.  I wouldn’t ever want my child to have to bare the weight for my generation not minding their emissions!

Hopefully one of these days we can get support from the Government by forcing these Car Manufacturers to start building more efficient cars considering we absolutly have the technology to do it.  This is only the beginning……

Click here for more info on how you can help too!!

Fishy out of water


gwb.jpg   fishy.jpg 

  • Flip GWB “All I can tell you is, is that Osama Bin Ladin is a Prime Suspect”
  • Flop GWB “I don’t know where he is,…or I just don’t spend that much time on it”
  • Flip GWB “I want him, hell,….I want Justice”
  • Flop GWB “….Dead or Alive”
  • Flip GWB “Saddam Hussein Aids and Protects Terrorists, including members of Al-Qaeda”
  • Flop GWB “I know I didn’t say if there was a direct connection between September the 11th and Saddam Hussein”
  • Flip GWB “War is my last choice”
  • Flop GWB “We’re gonna smoke em out, bring em on”
  • Flip GWB “when you think ‘Patriot Act’, constitutional guarantees are in place”
  • Flop GWB “ a wire tap requires a court order”
  • Flip GWB “Saddam Hussein has got weapons of mass destruction”
  • Flop GWB “Although we have not found stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction”
  • Flip GWB “ and it is true that much of the intelligence turned out to be wrong”
  • Flop GWB “ no one can now doubt the word of America”

Living with War




So Bush, how’s the family friends, the Bin Ladin’s doing?

I read something today that I think is important to share from the Living with War Blog that Neil Young has up. 

What has always made America great has been our freedom to opine and disagree, no matter how unpopular or outrageous the views.
But in this day of specialized, targeted newscasts and narrow-minded, bullying talk show hosts, dissenting opinions are heard less frequently and more often than not, they are outright smashed down and ridiculed.” written by Dave Wedge

Part of me didn’t want to post this, not wanting to “piss anyone off” but then I thought, well, the only people that matter in my life is family, and they will still love me even if they do get pissed when I say Bush Sucks :D


The Flag and the Constitution


I heard a great saying today that seems to ring with alot of truth.

“Liberals wrap themselves in the constitution and burn the flag, while Conservatives wrap themselves in the flag and burn the constitution.”