Reno Roadtrip


The J and I took a road trip to Reno where I bowled in the national tournament.  It was a fantastic trip!!!

It was the longest trip we’ve taken in our new car and we were amazed to see we got 44 mpg for the trip (screen shot of it is in the album).

Here is the route we took:

View Reno Road Trip in a larger map

Here are the pics:

Kalaloch Cabin


J and I took some vacation this week.  To get away we went and stayed at a cabin on the ocean at Kalaloch. It was Oscar’s first trip, ocean visit, boat ride, ….. suffice to say, many firsts.  Here are some highlights 

Man Weekend 07 – Day 3


There was more hang overs, there was more fun, there was more fish ;) And some beautiful shots of the lake taken by Justin.

Man Weekend 07 – Day 2


There was hang overs, there was fun, there was fish :)

Man Weekend 07 – Day 1


We came from far and wide to descend on the home of Taco…. Randle WA.

Lucky Number 8


We’ve made it 8 years. We took an awesome vacation to Victoria BC. We took the Victoria Clipper from Seattle to Victoria and stayed at the Magnolia hotel downtown. The highlights include:

  • dinner at an Irish pub that we really like
  • watching the first Seahawk’s game of the season while sipping some yummy French beer we discovered, and grubbing on room service
  • A ghost walk tour
  • Breakfast at a killer French cafe that sported a giant chicken

Here is a photo album where you can see some of the fun.

Rob Vacation


I took a week off last week. I think this shot best sums it up:
Beer of Choice

The highlight of the week was a trip to Vancouver BC with my dad. Here is an overview of the trip from my cameras perspective.
(Click here for a slideshow)

Click here for the same trip from my dad’s camera’s perspective.

Rainer Cabin Trip


Earlier this year in Feb we took a trip with the Ruckers to Mt Rainer and stayed in a cabin. Little did we know though that the park was still closed due to the storms last fall.

Here are some highlights (click here for slideshow):

Rob’s 30th Birthday


Finally, we got some pics up from the fantastic weekend we all had in Leavenworth for Rob’s birthday!Thank you all for making it such a wonderful weekend, I can’t say that enough!  If you happen to have pictures from when you were there, please send them and we’ll get them posted too.


Man Weekend with Taco


Justin and John came from Spokane, and I came from Seattle to decend upon Randle WA and Taco. We had an awesome weekend of beer, whisky, highschool football, and drowning some lures. Taco and Justin manage to each catch a fish, though Justin’s was more like bait than a fish.

The pics are up in the photo gallery. Here are a couple highlights.

fishen_with_taco-29 fishen_with_taco-32 fishen_with_taco-18