7 Years of Bliss


We had our 7th year anniversary a couple of weeks ago, and to celebrate we took a trip to Portland.  We had never been there before, and had a ton of fun and were very impressed with the city.

We have pictures from the trip up in our photo gallery.

One of the highlights of the trip was when we rented a couple of bikes and took a ride to the Saturday market, and then road a loop along the river.

portland07-15 portland07-16

Help Fight Global Warming



Do you ever wonder what’s going on with the weather lately?  Really? 

So what’s the hype?  Well, I’ve always dreamed of an ocean front home, but thought I would move there, and not have it move to me.  Luckily we now live at the top of the hill in West Seattle which is surrounded by the Puget Sound because if we don’t do anything about our emissions and Greenland melts like it is on the path to be done within 50 years, that will rise ocean water levels 20ft.  That won’t even be the worst part.  Please don’t change the channel when something about Global Warming comes on, it’s real and you need to pay attention to it.  This is yet more affirmation for me to not have a child.  I wouldn’t ever want my child to have to bare the weight for my generation not minding their emissions!

Hopefully one of these days we can get support from the Government by forcing these Car Manufacturers to start building more efficient cars considering we absolutly have the technology to do it.  This is only the beginning……

Click here for more info on how you can help too!!

Nature Full – Go Home


We were so stoked for this weekend.  A couple of days by the lake camping, kayaking, and drinking around the campfire at one of our favorite places, Lake Quinault.  Well, a pictures worth a thousand words:
Nature Full

Long story short we spent about 8 hours in the car only to end up sleeping at home.  4 campgrounds and 3 different results all full by 4pm on Friday (yes Friday).

February Texas Trip


Jacksonville_Trip-069 Jacksonville_Trip-095 Jacksonville_Trip-009

Finally, here is our TX pics. If anyone has any others you want posted on here, just send them to jearoo and I’ll get them added to the album.

Thanks again Aunt Edie for being a wonderful host :) And it was awesome to meet my cuz’s this time in adult form and their families, and we’re all back in touch :D

I Love Y’all

Pics from J and A in Europe


The pics from J and A in Europe are now up in the photo gallery.


Lake Crescent May 2006



Here are some pictures from a trip we took with our dear friends Jeff & Debbie to Lake Crescent Lodge in the Olympic National Park.  Some history of the lodge goes like this……

Historic Lake Crescent Lodge, built in 1916 as “Singers Tavern”  is nestled among the giant fir and hemlock trees on the shore of beautiful Lake Crescent and offer wonderful views of the lake. The simple elegance of yesteryear in the antique furnished lobby is conducive to relaxation as you unwind by the stone fireplace and the wicker-cozy sun porch is the perfect spot for enjoying a spectacular sunset over the lake.

At the turn of the century tourists started coming to Lake Crescent over primitive roads, using small steam motor launches to explore the area. Resorts sprang up allowing travelers respite, the promise of better health at spas and opportunities to fish for the huge “Beardslee” and “Crescenti” Trout. The main building remains much as Al Singer originally built it, as a tavern in 1916.

Lake Crescent Lodge played an important role in the final decision to designate much of the peninsula a national park. Franklin D. Roosevelt visited the area in 1937 enjoying trout in the Lodge’s dining room and spending time studying the proposal that would create Olympic National Park in 1938.