Water Taxi, Red Robin, and J


Took the Water Taxi downtown and met J for lunch at Red Robin yesterday.  Quite a nice lunch!

water taxi ride - 4 water taxi ride - 3 water taxi ride - 2 water taxi ride - 1

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Go M’s


We are chilling with Justin and Jon at Safeco in our throw back Seattle Rainers caps getting ready to root on the Mariners.

Go M’s.

Rucker Nut


The Rucker bean has grown into a nut.

They went to the doc  yesterday and had this pic taken.  If you look close you can see start to make out body parts.


MossCat Reborn


It’s been bugging me for a while that MossCat was using a “borrowed” template, rather than something handcrafted by myself. So I figured now that we have a new real life home, why not redo our internet home to go along with it.

One thing we did in the redesign was to give the Ruckers (Rob’s sister and husband) their own place on the site.  We figured there is going to be a lot of interest by folks about the progress of the Rucker clan as Baby Bean gestates, enters the world, and beyond… so we wanted to make it easy for people to quickly get to the latest and greatest info and pics without having to wade through our other ramblings.

We are both really excited about the new look, layout, and functionality and hope you enjoy it.


9 Week Rucker Bean


Alyssa and Derek went to the doc and got an ultrasound of the their offspring.  Here is the baby bean in all it’s glory.

Alki Sunset Ride


I took a little bike ride on Alki last night and snapped a couple nice shots of the sunset with my phone.

pudget sound sunset

seattle at sunset

Pudget Sound sunset

Alki sunset

Brett Dennen Show


We went to the Showbox with Justin and Kerry last night to see Brett Dennen.  It was good times!!!

A New Perspective


We got the keys to our new place last night.  Here is a quick shot of our view.  Look for more pics once we get moved in.

Crazy Mutt


O dog and I took a walk couple days ago and he just decided to start sunbathing and eating greenery.

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O’s new chew


It’s a big stinky tendon.

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